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Sales and Marketing

We sell electrical products and provide related services to electrical distributors for contractors, industrial environments, OEM’s, municipalities and many more.

Our marketing is field focused on all stakeholders including contractors, engineers, end users and distributors.

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We operate a 45,000 sq ft warehouse in Wood Dale, IL just a stone’s throw aways from O’Hare International Airport and Chicago, IL. We currently ship for 8 manufacturers and serve a regional distribution center for many of them.

Our experience and expertise in this area provide readily available products for distributors and a cost-effective logistics strategy for our manufacturing partners. 

Digital Services

We are always looking to make our customers lives easier and support our partner’s businesses. That is why we provide digital services through two of our strategic partners, Curri and Main Event Digital.


Main Event Digital is a first-class digital marketing firm providing marketing services to commercial and industrial-focused companies looking to grow their business in the age of the internet.

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